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Friday, January 13, 2006

Update from mom

Well the last few days have been quite a blur, but happily Jeffrey and I are doing well. Yesterday Jeffrey’s bili levels came down low enough that we could take him off the lights and he went up to 6cc feedings of breast milk. Brian called me at about noon to let me know the news and to tell me that they were waiting for me to start “kangaroo care.” Kangaroo care means that I get to hold him skin to skin and it’s supposed to help them bond and get well faster. Mom and I went into the NICU at about 2:30 and I got to hold Jeff for a whole hour! It was so wonderful; I would just cuddle him all day if I could. He’s got the softest skin and he felt perfect against my chest. Brian got to hold him at the 9:00 feeding for about 45 minutes. They were only supposed to allow Bri about 20 minutes but the staff got busy with a new baby and we got to hold him for longer. The nurse apologized to us but we certainly didn’t care. As long as we can hold his temperature it I okay for him to be out of the isolette. Mom still hasn’t held him because she still has a bit of a head cold but is in checking him out every day with me. I think today she may be able to handle him a little. It’s driving her crazy to come in and not be able to touch him.
I am doing pretty well, I’m still really tired and sore but it’s getting better every day. I’m trying to pump breast milk every three hours so its making sleep a little fractured at night. Mom is here for another week to help us out though, so at least I don’t have to really worry about anything else. We’ll be in to visit the boy today again. The car is finally working again, thanks to Kevin and Brian! Tonight we’re going to skip Jeffrey’s night feeding so that we can go interview a pediatrician. Sooner than we think, he’ll be ready to come home and he’ll need a doctor to take care of him.


Anonymous said...

hey guys...he is beautiful! Congratulations!
Let me know if we can do anything. Things will slow down around here on Monday and we would love to just cart meals to you at the hospital or run errands for you....anything! I left a message on Danielles phone this afternoon. I will talk to you soon- Denise

Sue Fisk said...

I wasn't expecting to hear the news for a while yet, you took me by surprise! CONGRATULATIONS Mom & Dad. brian, thanks for letting me know and sharing your pictures. What a handsome little miracle he is!

Anonymous said...

well, it's good to see the both of you looking so well. the improvement in the photos over the past few days is nice to see.
i have to confess that i'm not surprised that brian is talking to him ALREADY of the mythical land of the Very Confusing Compu-networkspeak.
sincerely-congrats; go well with good thoughts and wishes.

paul drotar

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dani and Brian. Congratulations on Jeffrey! Great job, Dani. Yeah, Brian "helped", but when "push comes to shove" we all know WHO did the real work. Lots of love and happiness, Pam Kirkpatrick