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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New York-Presbyterian Hospital

We had a small amount of drama today. This morning Dani woke up and thought that maybe her water might have broken. Bill helped us out and we hailed a taxi up to the hospital. The driver spoke broken English and was a little hesitant to drive up to the emergency entrance. Bill told him that today he could pretend he was an ambulance.
The nurse admitted Dani on the labor and delivery floor, which is standard practice for anyone over 20 weeks (see date above). They had her gown up and put on fetal monitors. Jeffrey kicked them. A lot. But his heart rate was good, and very consistent at 150 bpm. So was Mom’s. The doctor came in and did an exam, and the followed it up with an ultrasound (number 13 for the boy!).
We were discharged from NYPH about an hour later. Bill hung out in the waiting room during the whole ordeal and took good care of us on both arrival and departure. The doctor’s suggestion was that we return to Rochester and pay a visit to the perinatologist back home. So that’s what we’re doing… we decided to cut our trip short and see if Dr. Lim can tell us what happened this morning. The doctor did tell us that Jeffrey appears healthy, and all of the parts inside seem to be where they’re supposed to be.
We’ll be tracking this story as it progresses… it was a good practice run for us for the big day, at least!


ArthurDent said...

Good Grief! A little too much excitement Dani? Hang in there!

Jeff said...

All is well now I hope?

Maria Wood said...

Hey guys-
Thanks for giving us a call tonight-we are here for you anytime you need to talk..we are thinking of you three and know that everything will be OK-...hes just getting a head start on giving you guys grey hairs, that's all! Congratulations and get some pictures of that little peanut up here!
Maria, Fred and Bella