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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Comeback Kid

Jeffrey says, “Infection? What infection?” Barb was his nurse today, and she told us that they will be discontinuing his IV fluids (Hyperalimentation and interlipids 20%) at midnight. They started him last night with 9cc feedings (1/2 of where he was at before) and now he’s all the way back to 23cc feedings! They refer to that as “full” feedings, which is 140cc per kilo daily. She also told Danielle that if no one mentions breast feeding to her by the end of this week, she should bring it up.
And to top it all off? He gained weight through all of this - 1260g! As of today, he has surpassed his birth weight. Still no change in head circumference, and we’ve got our fingers crossed.
Dani got a surprise tonight as she posted to her news group. One respondent told her that they just bought a new deep freezer, and if she needed any room for milk storage… Well, we’ve shared a lot on the blog, but that seemed really personal. And then she scrolled down and realized that it was our friend Joanne! (Mom to Nathan and Jeremy).
We’re passing on everyone’s well wishes and good thoughts to the boy. He’ll be home before we know it, and we’ll look forward to everyone getting to meet him.


ArthurDent said...

Whew! We're all relieved to hear the progress.

Servo said...

Glad to hear that little Jeffrey is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Go Jeffrey go!!!!
I am so thrilled for you all.

We are all here cheering you on!

Jen and Michael

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeffrey!
whoo hoo. Lorraine's in Arkansas doing vdp but still watching. Great news. Glad you are keeping this updated. Little fellow was on my mind.