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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Only 80 days to go. Happy New Year from New York City. We’re down here staying with our friend Bill. He lives just a few blocks from Times Square, so we waited until about 11:30 PM and then walked out to the corner of 54th St. and 7th Ave. – that’s about half way between Times Sq. and Central Park. We were able to walk into a corral easily and it wasn’t even that crowded. The ball dropped, and the cheering was very loud. The weather was perfect! Jeffrey got to usher in the new year with a kick!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! That sounded way too easy (except the pregnant wife part). My wife and I did the 24 hour stay-up and travel routine a few years back. You can see how tired we are from the pics: