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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sickness on the Wind

Well it's been a messy week at the Meehan house. We knew that there was a GI bug going around, but I was hoping it would miss Jeffrey. He wasn't feeling 100% on Friday and then on Saturday, he threw up on his Move and Groove Table. It was so disgusting. Brian had to take it apart and clean out all the little plastic pieces. If he hadn't gotten it clean I think we would have thrown it out. It smelled so bad, it could gag a maggot. (All thanks to my mother for that lovely saying). He seemed to be a little better on Sunday and Monday. He wasn't eating like he normally does but I thought, maybe he's just slowing down.
On Tuesday he went to daycare and fell apart. Poor little guy, he had diarrhea and a fever of 102. He was refusing food and didn't want any milk. Brian brought him home and tried to get him to take some plain pasta and unflavored Pedialyte. After spitting Pedialyte everywhere, I drove to Big M and got him some flavored ones. Luckily, he liked the fruit flavor and polished off five ounces.
Brian took him to the pediatrician on Wednesday and they said we were doing all the right stuff. They said keep him hydrated, let him rest and give him Motrin every six hours and then three hours later start Tylenol every six hours. That way when the Motrin wears off, the Tylenol will be there to keep the fever down. Bri dropped him with me at work so he could go to school and then I took a half day. Little boy and I snuggled on the couch and watched movies. I finally got him to eat some oatmeal in the afternoon and fell asleep in the high chair. I took pictures (of course)!
Thursday his fever was down to 99 and his stomach seemed more settled but we kept him home from school just to be sure. He spent the day with dad and Uncle Kevin, playing at home. His fever was gone completely in the evening and we decided to put him to bed without meds.
Today we sent him to daycare and (so far) I haven't heard from them. Hopefully he's recovered. We're going to visit Brian's family this weekend to celebrate Christmas and Jeffrey's birthday.
Hope everyone else is healthy and hale. Love to you all!
Song Link: Sickness on the Wind by Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford


Kellie said...

Morgan says she's hope her Birthday Buddy is feeling better. And, Morgan says hats off to Brian for cleaning the puke out of the table. Morgan's Mommy would have chucked it...

Sue Fisk said...

Ahhh, puke! Real puke, not just the casual blowing of milk from a full tummy or reflux. A right of passage into parenthood.
Congratulations, you are both members of an elite group: The Pukebusters.
It only gets better. YOU only get better. Eventually, you'll anticipate the spew from across the room- a casual glance at your child will alert you that you have three... two... one... and you'll be able to catch it mid-air with an empty glass, the cat's water dish, even your bare hands.
Glad to hear he's feeling better. We had it here, too, a little over a month ago.

Kurt said...

Glad to hear he's getting a little better.

We're pretty experienced with sensing that 'moment' in Jenny when she's about to hurl. She makes a certain sound that's like an uncomfortable hippopotamus passing gas. I have about 4 seconds to get her outside. Even at night, this magic sound seems to rouse me into action.

You have this to look forward to, no doubt.