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Friday, January 26, 2007

Bad Medicine

Update: I forgot to let everyone know about Jeffrey's reflux medications. They are history!!Yup, at the last pediatrician appointment, we let her know that we didn't think he needed them anymore and she agreed. Our son is no longer a druggie!

Song Link: Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi


Kellie said...

Morgan says congrats to Jeffrey for kickin' the reflux meds. She was happy when she was able to kick hers over the summer. Morgan also says she and Jeffrey share one more thing and that makes them cooler than we already know they are :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jeffrey. I am sure he is very happy to be kicking the meds, I can't imagine they were any fun to be taking...I know as an "adult" they suck!
Glad to hear he is feeling better. Being sick sucks.

Jen and Victoria

kelly said...

Your page is wonderful and little jefferey is just as cute on here as he was at red lobster! HE made my nite!
Any time you come in please ask to see me so i can watch him grow!

Marta said...

You write very well.