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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday

Jeffrey is one! Yeah!! We all finally made it J Jeffrey's birthday passed with little fanfare. We sang happy birthday to him about fifteen times and I danced like a moron for him, luckily he found it humorous. We gave him his first birthday gift, a Ride to Stride Learning Walker. Jeffrey's physical therapist thinks that it will help him on the road to walking upright. After a relaxing morning at home we went to visit friends Angela and Marc. Brian gave them a demo on the Rainbow and we hung out for a bit. Their kids, Luke and Zoe were a great source of entertainment for Jeffrey. After we visited, Brian and Jeffrey cheered the Red Dog volleyball team to victory as I played my weekly volleyball match. It was a good day, not too much fuss. Lots of friends called to wish our little guy a happy day. The real fun will come next Saturday at his birthday party. We're having people over, cake and Dibella's subs (yum). Kurt and Steph are coming out from Albany (and hopefully Nichole and Tiff too!) Jeffrey will be surrounded by friends and they can help us celebrate our little miracle.

Speaking of miracles, Jeffrey got another birthday buddy yesterday. Victoria Brugger was welcomed into the world by her proud parents yesterday. Check them out at their blog, and see how their doing. It was a little crazy for them as well, but all three appear to be doing well. We especially want to thank them for having her on Jeffrey's birthday, so that we never forget the date! Congrats guys, can't wait to meet your beautiful girl. Jeffrey's getting his flirty smiles all ready for her.

As a side note, I know I've been slacking but I'll post something about Christmas later this week.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our little guy. Wish we could be there to join in the celebration but we will be with you in spirit. He is growing so fast and is so adorable - we miss everyone so much.

Again, Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Love, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Roger

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!! You and Morgan (and, I see Baby Victoria, too!) share a special day. Hope you have a wonderful party this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Ok now I guess I can't say baby Jeffery anymore. I guess I will have to say almost toddler Jeffery. It just doesn't have the same ring. Happy Birthday my little buddy. See you Saturday for your big party. Love Liane

Kurt said...

Happy birthday, Jeffrey! We'll see you this weekend too!