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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Share in the Blogging Goodness!

I’m not sure how many regular or occasional readers this blog was getting, so I thought I’d find out by asking. For those of you who are new to the blogging scene, let me show you the comment button. A little bit down, and to the right. In the corner of each post is a way for you to communicate back to us. Blogs don’t necessarily have to be a one-way communication path.
So I invite you to post a comment. If you have children, give us an anecdote about your experiences during pregnancy. If you don’t have any children (or any interesting stories about them), feel free to share some other sage-like advice. Apparently there are no official users manuals for babies.
If you have trouble posting, feel free to send me an email.


Servo said...

Well, I try to make sure I read at least once a week to see how things are going for you guys. First time ever reading a blog btw.
Anecdote? Nothing really exciting I'm afraid. Other than my son who I think is part monkey cause he likes to hang from the second floor banister.

Servo said...

oops, sorry. don't have one about pregnancy.

Brian Meehan said...

Hey 'Chelle. Congrats on your first blog post!

ArthurDent said...

I like grapes.

Bill said...

For the most part I have restricted my knowledge of children to the basics. 1. They are messy and 2. Tuition at many colleges is going to be incredible in 18 years.

Good luck with that.

Sue said...

I'm that fire dispatcher that keeps forgetting where your blog is. I have two little girls, ages 3 & 4, 16 months apart. I do not advise that. When your boy is seven months old, do not consider yourself "professionals" and ready for another, unless you are already ready for gray hairs. LOTS of them.
Kids are GREAT. You will no longer wear your heart on the INSIDE of your body. It's no longer about you or her. Not about your house, your clean (not for long!) furniture or car interior. Nothing else will ever matter again except for the health & happiness of your son, and you will cease to know why you even existed before. Prior accomplishments will mean next to nothing, yet kissing away a tear or soothing a burning diaper rash will bring you a great feeling of accomplishment.
You'll be very tired. Well, Danielle will be more tired than you will- it just always seems to work that way. It's that knock-out, drag-down tired that reminds me of splitting wood with Grandpa all day~ you're beat, but it feels GOOD. Everything is good. The love can't be described.