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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good news continues this week. We had another ultrasound on Tuesday morning and all looked well. Peanut (now formally named Jeffrey), was all curled up sleepy-like. He finally woke up near the end and waved at us a bit and wiggled around. The technician said that the amniotic fluid is still low normal but that at this point, we should just realize that we're not 50th percentile people.
We saw Dr. Lim in the afternoon and she thinks that crisis mode has passed for the time being. She let us hear the heartbeat and answered the myriad of questions we kept forgetting to ask previously. She still wants to see us every two weeks, but just to make sure we don't miss anything. We have no more ultrasounds scheduled! Yeah! The staff on AC-5 was extremely nice, but I hope we don't have to see them anymore. We are going to try and take some time to enjoy being pregnant for a bit.

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ArthurDent said...

Do you get a punch-card at AC-5? Every 6th ultrasound free?