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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well, yesterday was a busy day. We met with the genetic counselor and talked about our risks for Downs Syndrome. Normally, at our age you have a 1 in a 1000 chance. Because the long bones are measureing short, they up the chance to 1 in a 100. That being said, both of us have pretty clean genetic backgrounds. We don't have a family history of anything and that works in our favor. Also, the genetic counselor also agreed that our due date may be wrong and that would account for the long bones being short. I think we were both a little more relieved after meeting with her. It helps to put things in persepective that we have a 99% chance that everything will be fine.
After meeting with the counselor we went up and had a level 2 ultrasound done, where they check for 12 markers of Downs, and we had the amnio done. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My belly's a bit sore, but no harm done really. They watch on ultrasound the whole time so you can see that the baby is okay. We should have results in about a week and a half. They have to culture cells from the amniotic fluid so it all depends on how fast the cells grow.
The doctor that did the amnio also mentioned that the fluid was low, but it wasn't drastic. They obviously weren't worried about taking some, so I'm looking at that as a good sign.
We see our doctor on Thursday, and hopefully we'll get some more of our questions answered. Until then we're just taking it one day at a time and being hopeful.

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Sue said...

Awww, that's a great lookin' peanut you two have there! The stories take me back to my first pregnancy, when every trip to the RE or OB had some strange new "twist" to it. Sometimes I think the doctors know TOO much, and so do we. I think she's gonna be born right on time, healthy, happy, and ready to melt your heartsd and barf on your shirts. :)
(SHE? Yeah, ok- I'm judging by that 160 heart rate, I had two girls at those same rates!)