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Monday, October 24, 2005

Not a whole lot new going on. We're still waiting for the amnio results. We saw Dr. Lim on Thursday. She agrees that our due date may be off slightly, but still doesn't want to change it . She thinks that the blood clot may be the source of all problems, and now that it's gone things should start looking up. We have another ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Nov 1st. Dr. Lim also mentioned that due to the possibility of my having a heart shaped uterus that I may be more prone to pre-term labor. So, they want to keep a closer eye on me. (Big surprise, huh?) They never actually were able to determine whether I had it or not, but they just want to be on the safe side. So, we're still waiting to hear news and trying not to be worried. Dr. Lim said I should be able to feel the baby any day now. It's weird to see it moving all around on the ultrasound and not feel it on the outside. So I'm excited that I'll be able to feel when peanut decides to do backflips in there.

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ArthurDent said...

Backflips, eh? Annnd.... dismount.