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Friday, October 14, 2005

It's been a rough week for baby news. When we visited the midwife last week (a loud, animated but friendly woman) she told us that the perinatologist was concerned that the amount of fluid around the baby was near the lower limit of where it should be. She told us that during our next regularly scheduled (every 2 weeks) ultrasound that they'd be checking the kidney and bladder functions.
So we had our ultrasound on Tuesday with Erin Lemke. She's sort of gotten to know us, and has done our last 3 or 4 visits. Peanut was being rather un-cooperative for the camera. We were hoping to find out gender this week, since we were supposedly at 16w6d. Erin had a new perinatologist come in that we hadn't met before. The two of them looked at the heart, kidneys, bladder and long bones. She told us that the long bones were a little short for the stage in pregnancy for where we were, but the kidneys and bladder seemed like they were functioning OK
We left the visit with a bit of concern. In our minds, we've been convinced the entire pregnancy that the dates the hospital and doctor's office has been using were off by about a week or so. By our math, we think we're about 15w5d along. Would that make a difference in the measurements? Were the fluid levels consistant with a pregnancy that was 1 week less developed?
We didn't get alot of answers to these questions - just referred to Dani's primary OB. We decided that we didn't want to wait until our next OB visit to get answers and we'd call Dr. Limm the next day. Well, Dr. Limm beat us to the punch. Her office called us at 8:30am on Thursday morning. The nurse practitioner told us that they had some concerns and would like us to meet with a genetic counselor and have an amniocentesis. Our appointment is for Monday morning at 8:30a. We have a friend who went through very similiar conditions about 20 weeks ago and is due to deliver this week or next. She's given us a very positive outlook on our baby's health... more on Monday.


M Newberry said...

Lets see, where to begin, first let it be known that our entire family is here and pulling for the peanut, Connor is striving to show his new playmate the finer things in life such as when you cry someone gets you. Mackenzie wants someone else to have toys for connor to take away. Katlyn wonders she will be able to baby sit someday?
All things aside one day at a time is our moto, with Mackenzie each day was touch and go now we can not keep her down.

Servo said...

Hey Crow & Brian, we were told the same about Jourdain, that there was low fluid, and it turned out that the fluid level was normal. Keep us posted as to what they said today. Good luck!