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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Obey the Cow God

Breastfeeding is so awesome and yet the most aggravating part of my life now. I swear I spend more time and energy concerned about my milk supply that it’s sickening.  My OB gave me a reglan prescription the last time I was in and it has helped so much.  Unfortunately, the script is running out and I’m going to have to call and beg for more.  I feel like a breast milk junkie.  I’ve been complaining for months that I feel like a cow, and now I’m upset because I’m not a good enough cow.  Who knew this is what my life would revolve around post baby?  I really will be upset when we have to quit nursing.  It’s so sweet in the mornings to cuddle him in my arms.  I usually wrap grandma’s afghan around us and his little hands play with the fringe while he eats… He really is the sweetest little boy.  I am so screwed.  I’m already planning on making him into a momma’s boy.  He’s only six months old and already I’m wrapped around his little finger.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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