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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Double Vision

Well hello everyone. I just have a few little notes about the past week or so. First off, we’re trying to monitor Jeffrey’s vision and tracking progress. The last time the physical therapist came we mentioned that he doesn’t seem very interested in toys or tracking objects. She agreed that he’s a little behind in that arena and that it’s possible he may be having trouble focusing on objects. It is fairly common for preemies to be near or farsighted so we’re just watching him. We know that he can see because he does focus occasionally and Monica (his physical therapist) says that babies that are blind will not coo, laugh or smile until later. So we’re not too worried because he is a little cooing machine now. Everyone morning he wakes up and just babbles at the ceiling for ten or fifteen minutes. We made an appt with his eye doctor and after the exam they said his left eye has some atrophy of the optic nerve but that children’s eyes don’t fully mature until their about two, so he could just be a little late developing it. We have another appointment in September and a vision therapist is coming to the house at the end of the month. Monica said she should be able to help us figure out where his vision is best and work from there.

He is now rolling over consistently from his back to his tummy. It’s pretty humorous to watch because he still hates tummy time and once he realizes that he’s on his belly he gets pretty mad.

He’s going like gangbusters in the eating department. The boy is a pig. Brian is routinely giving him a ¼ cup of oatmeal at a time and he is wolfing it down. This is especially good because (as I mentioned earlier) I’m running low on the milk supply, even with the reglan. However, the cool part is we still haven’t run out of frozen milk yet. (See I was a good cow!)

Also, something I’ve been wanting to do. I wanted to recommend a few other parenting blogs that I’ve been visiting when I have time. First check out metrodad. He’s the father in NYC. Very funny. I really enjoy his posts about peanut and boss lady. I also really enjoy It’s not all Mary Poppins. She is a childcare provider in Canada. She has good advice and her descriptions of her kids are hysterical. Check them out if you have time.

Two other notes for the week. In case you haven’t noticed Brian forces me to name the posts as titles to songs. So if your ever interested google the post title and check out our song choices. (They all come from the depths of Brian’s brain, so be careful!)

Lastly, just a quick hi to anyone reading from Wilson! I saw we made the spring quarterly and wanted to encourage everyone to post a comment and tell me how you’re doing. I’m always excited to hear how everyone from Wilson is.

Love you everyone! We’ll post more soon!


ArthurDent said...

Nice cow. Good cow. Cow make milk.

Hey we're thinking of coming out in the next coupla weeks. Any weekend better than another?

Mary P. said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words. You have a sweet little guy here - seems to be busy making up for his early start in the world!