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Friday, February 16, 2007

Jive Talking

Today is an amazing day, for I have finally learned how to post videos on the blog. Unfortunately, only on wordpress so far.
So...head over to phonemom and checkout Jeffrey in all his video goodness. If you think he looks cute in pictures; he's even better on film.

In other news, Jeffrey got his sixth tooth this week. He is definitively dangerous to get your fingers near. Therefore, he's well on his way to self feeding at least with finger foods. We're still working on spoons and forks. He gets about one mouthful and then he throws the spoon. Jeffrey has an appointment with an occupational therapist on Tuesday to discuss self feeding, drinking from a sippy cup and other developmental milestones. Hopefully she'll be able to help us or tell us that Jeffrey is okay and doesn't need help. Either outcome is alright with me.

The other GIANT update is that Jeffrey sorta said a word. Not for us of course. He only shows off for Miss Monica, his physical therapist. On Tuesday, we were working with sorting toys and Jeffrey dropped a few blocks. This lead to Monica and I saying Uh Oh, several times. Jeffrey was repeating us and he said "Uh Oh!" It was pretty disjointed but still clear. Yay!! I realize that it isn't the greatest utterance of all time but we are so excited that he's started down the track to talking.

Until the next time, don't forget to check out the video and we'll keep you updated.

Song Link: Jive Talking performed by the Soultans and composed by Barry Gibb


Anonymous said...

Morgan says "uh-oh" and it's SO funny. It was a little jumbled at first, but clear as a bell now.

SIX teeth??!! Morgan has two (bottom front). BUT, this morning, I noticed another one has popped through. What's strange about this? Well, it's on the bottom, right..a molar, maybe?? Has me worried there may be something wrong with the other teeth??

Off to check the videos out. All of Jeffrey's new accomplishments are AWESOME!!

Kurt said...


Wait until he starts saying "Vista!" or "Mac!" (as Brian shudders)

Manic Mom said...

Are you related to any Meehan's in the Chicago area?!?!?!

Thanks for sharing your comment at Manic's!

Mamacita Tina said...

Hi, first time visitor. I think Laurel and Jeffrey are about the same age. Laurel recently acquired her sixth tooth.

"Uh oh," such a cute phrase, I'm still waiting for Laurel to say that one.

Danielle Meehan said...

Kellie- The molar is so wild. Jeffrey's have been the middle ones.
Kurt- Gasp! Brian would try to deprogram him!
Manic mom- I think we're mostly an upstate New York brood, but I'll ask the fam. Thanks for the comment.
Mamacita Tina- Thanks for the comment. I see you over at Kellie's blog all the time. Laurel is a doll. I'm waiting for Jeffrey to take those first few steps and then we're all in trouble!