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Friday, February 09, 2007

Bigger Cars

Alright, alright I've been awful about posting over here. I have been quite prolific over at phonemom though. However we do have things to talk about.

First, Brian put up some new pictures but not nearly all of the new pictures. This quarter ends at the end of February, expect tons of new pictures at that time.

Second, did we mention new car seats? Jeffrey purchased (thanks to all who have given him money) two Britax decathalon car seats. Shortly after his birthday we noticed that he wasn't quite fitting into his infant carrier anymore and it was time to upgrade. Since everyone has given him money this past year, we thought it was only right that he pay for them. (The boy needs to learn the value of a dollar sometime). The car seats still need to be rear-facing, until he reaches 20 lbs. Hopefully that will be soon because it would be nice to be able to turn and see him to soothe him.

Lastly, Thank you everyone for the generous gift-giving from Christmas and Jeffrey's birthday. I have been a horrible person and have not sent thank you cards yet. Trust me, they are coming. Thank you.

Song Link: Bigger Cars by The Buzzrats


Kellie said...

I upgraded Morgan to same seat (different pattern) in August. She could've stayed in the infant carrier a bit longer, but she wasn't all that comfy in it. Plus, it was SO heavy for me to carry in and out of the house :) I LOVE her new seat and it was WELL worth the money. I only bought the Britax for my car as that's the car she's in the most. I bought a good one for Jimmy's truck, but didn't want to spend a ton given she's in his truck once a month.

I was SO happy to be able to flip her around. I did it 3 or 4 days before her first birthday. She was over the weight requirement and I checked with a friend who is a safety seat tech for the NY State Police and he said it was okay.

Wow....that was a long comment about nothing. Sorry :)

Oh yeah...Morgan paid for her seat, too :) I felt kinda guilty using her money for that, but it WAS for something she'd need and what better to spend it on than a nice seat that will last for a while?

Ok..I promise...I'm done now!!

Kurt said...

Now you don't need the 2nd mirror to see his face! You must have been careful not to setup an infinite loop with the two mirrors. You might have gotten trapped while driving and caused an accident. Or worse, trapped bouncing between the two mirrors waiting for a bump in the road to nudge a mirror out of alignment. THAT would be a hard traffic accident to explain to your insurance company!

Interesting link to the value of a dollar, haven't run across that one.