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Monday, September 04, 2006


Jeffrey got a new car this week. More accurately, we got Jeffrey a new car this week. Most accurately, Jeffrey’s parents got a new car in which Jeffrey will actively participate as a passenger.

In the past 8 months (can you believe it’s been that long already?), there’ve been a lot of times I’m amazed that I’m a parent. How can this be?

  • I wearing jeans and a t-shirt from Pearl Jam’s “Ten” album.
  • I play video games.
  • I still like cartoons.

This is the point where my wife reminds me that:

So, if I’m not feeling like a parent all the time, at least I’m feeling old. My wife used to write me love letters. Now she writes me shopping lists. But nothing makes you feel more like a bona fide parent than driving a minivan.

Danielle and I spent the last few weeks researching vehicles. Minivans seemed out of our price range, so we initially looked at a wagon or compact SUV on a lease until I got out of school. The short list included the Chevy HHR, Pontiac Vibe, Saturn Vue and the Subaru Outback. We did test drive a nicely equipped ’06 Kia Sedona (the safest minivan on the road!), but at $27,000 it was unreasonable. But one by one, as we tried to fit Jeffrey’s car seat into the back seat of each vehicle, our options grew slimmer. It wouldn’t even fit in the Vibe and was pretty tight on the HHR. Neither allowed the passenger seat to recline, a must for the long trips to visit our parents. And most wouldn’t allow the car seat to be placed anywhere but the center, which is good for now but bad if another child ever travels with us.

Fortune shined upon us when we found a used ’06 Sedona at a local dealership. It had been a rental car previously and was in great shape. We were so close to buying it until Danielle began to get worried about finances. So I searched online to show what current Sedonas were going for on some auto-sales websites. That’s when I found another one for sale in Victor at Heritage Motors. With only 1100 miles on it, it was practically new! I called the dealer. Dave offered me a fair trade for my ’98 Dodge Neon (118K miles) and that night we drove our new minivan home. I like the comfortable ride and storage. Mom likes the seat recline and numerous cup holders. Jeffrey likes sleeping in it.

We put our first tank of gas in it tonight. That’s going to continue to be a shocker for a former compact coupe driver. We can’t wait to take a trip for visit the family!

I’m proud to be a minivan Dad.

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ArthurDent said...

Dude, you got a 'dona!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part where Jeffery hung out with me while you went and picked up your new mini van. Of course I did laugh a little when they said they were getting a mini van. I got over that quickly when I got to ride in the new sporty van. Jeffery and I had a slendid time while his parents were away. I'm not sure if he was laughing at me or with me but he sure likes to laugh now. Liane

Sue Fisk said...

Ha, ha, ha.
I'll be laughing at you again later when I outgrow minvans and you're still driving one!
Oh, and about feeling old? You ARE old. Notice how more than half of that entry was about vehicle safety???

Anonymous said...

remember, age is just a number. I may be 5 months pregnant and 26 years old, but i still get up every saturday morning and watch my cartoons. I can't wait until jr is born so that i can buy and watch all the other cartoon movies out there.

As for the minivan, consider it right of passage into parenthood. Now you are ready for child #2.
Jen Brugger