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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rythym of the Night

After reading Thursday’s post, some of our readers expressed concern about the environment where we were raising our child. They pointed out that our selection of songs and movies showed a “clear Biggie-sized neo-growth partisan agenda”. Well, Mr. Colbert, let me set the record straight!
We do everything we can to encourage Jeffrey to be as well-rounded as possible. In fact, if you look at the pictures (yes, Grandma Lelah, I posted new ones yesterday!), he’s getting rounder by the day. So in addition to the songs and movies mentioned before, rest assured that he’s also enjoying a cornucopia of sights and sounds including Little Richard, Little Shop of Horrors and Little Women. And if that weren’t balanced enough, we drive right down the center line by watching Big Trouble in Little China, Malcolm in the Middle, and of course, Medium.
So, here it is, 4:48 AM. Jeffrey’s up, so I’m up. You see, raising a baby is tricky trick work, and today he’s working the night shift. And being only 17 inches tall, his mode of transportation to work is Mom & Dad. What does a 38 week old baby do? He’s a sucker. Bottle or breast, he sucks on it and fills up his belly (more or less) with the yummy juice inside. P.T. Barnum is credited (incorrectly) with the quote, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” According the US Census Bureau, there are about 8 born in the US every second.
The lactation consultants and the NICU blame (or credit, you choose) his more frequent feeding schedule with a “growth spurt”. Babies at his age and older have short periods of intense growth, usually marked by increased feeding amounts at closer intervals and general fussiness. And I was surprised to find out just how much difference a teaspoon of NeoSure in his breast milk bottles makes – the extra calories can give him up to an hour longer nap!

A baby is an alimentary canal with a loud voice at one end and no responsibility at the other. - Ronald Reagan


Joanne Macek said...

Now...let me preface this with the fact that I know NOTHING about preemies. I generally give birth to kids that are the size of toddlers, so take this for what you paid for it! :)

Don't forget, growth spurts are important...for MOM. The increased feeding is to boost her supply so that she can feed the newer, bigger more improved Jeffrey after that growth spurt is done. So make sure that you do have him nurse more often during a spurt!


Sue Fisk said...

Personally, I've been ignoring what you claim to expose him to. I'm judging his musical exposure based on your blog titles and I have to say, it's not good. How healthy can it be to subject an innocent baby to such funk? I mean, really. Come on. I'm about as big an 80's junkie as you'll find, but he's just a BABY!
And you even threw Paul Simon in there once. I saw it with my own eyes. This can't be healthy, nor stimulating. :o)