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Monday, September 26, 2005

Children's Birthday Parties and the Pregnant Woman

Danielle and I attended a birthday party for a friend of ours' 3 year old. He's really into firefighters this year, so we bought him a firefighter dress up kit. It wasn't a far cry from the gifts we bought for his 2nd and 1st birthday either - more fire and EMS related toys. I guess we were ahead of our time. Our friend Joanne who was organizing the party for her son and her husband is about 8 months pregnant and getting around quite well on her just-healed broken ankle. At a party full of very young children, most of the mothers still have very vivid memories of their recent pregnancies, and they can apparently spot a pregnant woman across the room at 15 paces. Dani relished the attention and advice. She's starting to show, ever so slightly, but the party goers noticed.
We also had a chance to try out a car seat. Adam & Joanne have the Britax Marathon car set. It installed like a breeze in our 2004 Dodge Stratus, since it has the LATCH system. Nathan got to ride in our car from the go-kart track to Powder Mill Park. He was hoping it was a race car - sadly, it is not :(
More pictures of Peanut tomorrow, 1PM.

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